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J33 - Ageha Suit

Updated: Aug 28, 2020


This new fabric is a very bold attempt this season, with a mirror gloss like black paint, and a coating film that reflects colorful laser light. Subvert the pure black sexy in the past, more stage and party effects. Among the many products, it is a very special product. In the future, photos of other customers will be added to let you who are browsing to experience more unique visual display of this product.


這款新式布料是本季非常大膽的嘗試,有著黑漆般的鏡面光澤,以及能反射七彩鐳射的塗層膜。顛覆以往純黑的性感,更多了舞台與派對效果。在眾多的商品中,是非常特別的商品。 在未來會新增其他顧客的使用照片,讓正在瀏覽的你,體驗更多這款商品獨特的視覺展現。

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