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J27-Anubis suit

#Mirror Latexed

This new fabric is a very popular trial style in autumn and winter. It has a black lacquer-like piano mirror finish and a latex coating film with a little elasticity and strong coverage. It can definitely satisfy your desire for pure black sexiness, with more stage and party effects. Among the many products, it is the product that is loved by the most customers. In the future, photos of other customers will be added, allowing you who are browsing to experience more unique visual displays of this product.


這款新式布料是秋、冬兩季非常熱銷的嘗試款式,有著黑漆般的鋼琴鏡面烤漆光澤,以及有些許彈性能強力包覆的乳膠塗層膜。絕對可以滿足你嚮往純黑的性感,更多了舞台與派對效果。在眾多的商品中,是受到最多顧客喜愛的商品。 在未來會新增其他顧客的使用照片,讓正在瀏覽的你,體驗更多這款商品獨特的視覺展現。

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 14, 2020

My J27 Anubis suit is awesome. Thanks Jeff Yuan for a great service.

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